Who would have guessed this? 🙃


Who would have guessed this? 🙃

What is a belief that you have learned when you were young that you have carried with you until today? 

For me, it’s my idea of laziness. I hated being called lazy because that meant I wasn’t working hard, which meant I wasn’t going to succeed. 

But when I became an entrepreneur and discovered Russell Brunson’s teachings on growth mindset development, my mentality on laziness changed.

Today, you will find out: 

  • That there are two types of being lazy and which type you should be
  • How marketing systems and marketing automations can help you do less but achieve more in less time. 
  • Some lead generation techniques that could help grow your business

If you’re an entrepreneur and would like to start growing your business without being tied down to your computer, working longer hours, you need to change your perception of laziness to make efficient use of your time.

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Recently, hearing a surprising combination of a few simple words gave me an interesting new perspective on what the BEST way is for entrepreneurs to achieve results in marketing and business.

And that’s what I’ll share with you in this episode.

My name is Istvan Bujdoso and welcome to The 47 Marketing Show that helps entrepreneurs like you to get more done in less time, grow your business…

…and gain freedom through marketing systems and automation.

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It felt like a nice pat on the back of my ego With my head held high, chest out, and a huge grin on my face, I was proudly thinking, “I’ve been doing THAT too for many years.”

BUT my ego trip was short-lived. (luckily) Hearing a surprising combination of a few simple words knocked my ego aside instantly. And an interesting new perspective sank in.

For a moment, let me take you back in time. Where I come from, in family, school, and society, ‘laziness’ was looked down on.

People said things like “If you’re ‘lazy’ you won’t be anything in life, you’ll just struggle.” And I believed in that, I didn’t want to be labeled as ‘lazy’, so I grew up with a mentality of ‘working hard is good’.

Later, in my very first job, as a rookie web developer, I was encouraged to use frameworks and RE-use existing codes to get the work done faster, to save time and money.

As I was new, I marked it up as this was how things were done in that profession. And just kept doing the job in that manner without paying much attention to what it really meant.

Recently, I invested another few thousands into online courses to take my marketing to the next level.

And in one of the videos, Russell Brunson, a co-founder of ClickFunnels, was speaking about his business partner, Todd Dickerson.

Russell talked about him as a coding genius and how fast and efficiently he adds new and new features to their marketing software by using third-party frameworks and tools.

That was the moment when I had a short ego trip and was proud of myself for working like that too. But what Russell Brunson said next surprised me the most.

He described Todd as a ‘lazy’ person BUT in an absolutely POSITIVE way, like his ‘laziness’ was the best thing in the world. Suddenly, ‘laziness’ gained a deeper meaning in my head.

There are 2 types of it. One that we generally see as NEGATIVE, the getting nothing done type. And the other one is the ‘POSITIVE laziness’, the efficient type.

When we’re ‘lazy’ in a way that we get more things done with less work.

That’s why many entrepreneurs love things like: Selling digital products instead of services. Because they only need to create the digital product ONCE, and can sell it virtually UNLIMITED times.

And crafting a larger amount of evergreen social media posts in bulk ONCE, and RE-use them for a LOT of times.

And creating an email sequence ONCE and letting an autoresponder send that out to MANY-MANY leads for years to come.

AND there’s even more to ‘POSITIVE laziness’ Leveraging marketing and sales SYSTEMS.

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