🙊 ‘Golden’ nugget of a members-only marketing event

Istvan Bujdoso
From: Istvan Bujdoso
Luton, UK

It was pure gold! 🙊

Hundreds of entrepreneurs hung on every single word of his.

What he has said truly makes the difference between SUCCESS and FAILURE in the game of business (and even in life).

It all happened a few years back, on a members-only bonus event of a $25,000 per year marketing coaching program…

Russell Brunson invited Myron Golden up to the stage to drop a KEY ‘Golden’ nugget (pun intended 😜) to the audience.

Myron took the stage and explained 🎤 where MOST entrepreneurs make the HUGE mistake…

By default, a lot of people tend to wait to make a move until they learn exactly ‘what to do and how’.

They keep waiting, learning, and dabbling, and they can never achieve their goals.

As Mr. Golden has explained… Here’s what separates failure from success…

Before SUCCESSFUL entrepreneurs start any new endeavor…

…they take OWNERSHIP of the result, BEFORE they even know what they’re going to do and how.

Read this again carefully! ⚠️

“Before SUCCESSFUL entrepreneurs start any new endeavor…

…they take OWNERSHIP of the result, BEFORE they even know what they’re going to do and how.”


(1) Take the result you’re striving for… $10k, or $100,000, or a million dollars, or more.

(2) Become the person who takes ownership of that result BEFORE you know the path to it.

(3) And DECIDE, which means cut yourself from all other possibilities, and say…

“This is for me. I’m going to do this. I don’t know how, not sure when, I’m just going to do this…

…I’m going to learn while I’m doing it…

…and I’m going to keep working at the things that will make this happen until I figure out the right formula” . 💯

Otherwise, you’re NEVER going to get there.

No matter how much we learn from marketing books, or lead generation and sales courses, or business coaching…

…the fact is, we can only learn the MOST important things while we’re actually doing the thing.


“There’s a reason why the GPS doesn’t give all the instructions at once and then shuts off. It just tells us the next thing to do.”


“Become the person who is headed in the right direction, open to learning the secrets that will get you there as you’re doing it.

And as your next step… 👟

Take ownership of your desired ‘lead generation and sales’ results.

Head over here now…

…and learn the secrets, while you’re actually doing it.

The Infamous Online Business Challenge
Istvan Bujdoso

Thank you,
Istvan Bujdoso

P.S. Remember… you’re almost there… just a system away…

“freakishly accurate” 🙉

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🙉 “This is freakishly accurate!” – I thought.

And kept staring at the screen, eyes wide open, and without even blinking.

My whole body was frozen in shock. I just couldn’t move.

At the same time, I felt a weird sense of amazement about what I had just discovered.

I was like… “How the heck do they do this?” 🤔

Would you like to know what I discovered?

And how does that come to YOUR marketing?

If so, head over here.

the key to your success… (🤫 watch it before it gets removed)

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Did you know? 👇

Whatever SUCCESS means to you…

As Russell Brunson says… “You’re just one funnel away!”

And here’s WHY and HOW.

Now, you can watch the recording 🎥 of the keynote speech of a prestigious marketing event, called Funnel Hacking Live.

It is an annual conference, where most entrepreneurs pay thousands of dollars 💲 just to attend.

And typically, NO sessions of that event are released anywhere.

🤫 BUT right now…

…you can watch the keynote speech…

…that had such a big impact on the audience of entrepreneurs.

⚠️ Enjoy it before it gets removed!

😱 What has she done?

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“STOP talking!”

What has come after that is still “ruining” the lives of many, even multiple decades later… 😱

Maybe even yours. Without you knowing it.

Find out why…

(Einstein 🥴 and YOU+ marketing 🙃 on the other side.)

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