Top 6 Website Tips to Get More Clients

By Istvan Bujdoso | Blog

Sep 07

Did you know a mobile responsive website is an essential asset for every business to get clients?

It’s like a shop front that represents you and your company 24/7. It can work against you or for you.

Could your ideal clients find you quicker and easier on the internet?

What does your website say about you? Does it impress your visitors?

Are your potential clients encouraged the right way to contact you?

Could your website get you more clients?

Read further to find out about the Top 6 Website Tips to Get More Clients.


1) The ways your ideal clients will find you online

Imagine a new website like a shop in the middle of the desert. It’s highly unlikely to anyone finds it unless you invite people there.

It’s not just about inviting people to your website, inviting the right ones!

There are many ways to do this process. A lot of them are online and some of them real life strategies.

You can send people to your website with SEO (Search Engine Optimization), PPC (Pay Per Click adverts), Email marketing, Direct messaging, Social media, Links from other blogs, websites, and more.

And of course there are the off-line ways to invite people: Hosting events, Live networking, Cold calling, Interviews on TV, radio, in a magazine, and more.

Also you should tell about your services to everybody you meet and invite them to visit your website.

We call this process as “Driving Traffic” to your website.

If you do this process well your ideal clients will find you quickly and easily.

Why would anybody be motivated to visit your website? To find out more about you and your services and to get some value that they can only get there.


2) The first impression matters a lot

Did you know within the first 7 seconds people decide to stay on your website longer or leave it?

They read nothing or barely anything before making a decision.

Those who leave may never come back. The first impression matters a lot!

Your website has to look stunning to keep as many visitors there as possible longer than 7 seconds.

Strategically planned, interesting videos and well picked beautiful images also make more people to stay.


Responsive website

3) Have an easy to use mobile friendly website

Did you know more people view websites on their mobile than on computer? Even at home!

Your website has to be easy to read and use on all kind of devices.

Not having a mobile responsive website gives a very bad impression to those who check out your website on their smart phone. They more likely will leave in a few seconds and may never come back.

Google announced in May 2016, the non-mobile friendly websites will show up fewer and fewer times in mobile search.

It means if your website is not mobile responsive less and less of your potential customers will find it. And you’re losing the opportunity to help those people.

It’s crucial for your business to have a mobile friendly website!


4) Impress your potential customers

After keeping your potential customers on your website longer than 7 seconds it’s time to impress them.

By showing certain elements in the correct way and at the right positions your website willl impress the visitors.

These elements are the ones that build your credibility, like how your website looks, the way your website talks about your business, photos of you, testimonials, case studies, blog posts, videos of you talking your services, TV/radio interview recordings.

All of them can be represented in an optimised way to maximise your results and impress your potential customers.

The right way and position to show the credibility elements on your website depends on what you would like to achieve with your website exactly.

The better your website shows your credibility authentically the more your potential clients will be impressed.
The more they are impressed the more likely they will contact you.


Click Pointer

5) Be clear about it what you want your visitors to do on your website

Your potential customers stayed long enough and are impressed what they saw and read. The next step is to motivate them to take a specific action. We call this process as “Call To Action”.

The call to action can be to encourage them to call you, email you, download your ebook, subscribe to your service, buy a product from you, etc.

It’s critical to have only one dominating call to action on the part of your website your visitors look at.

Researches show that when your website asks the visitors to do multiple different things has a bad effect. Some people won’t be able to decide which one to do and will leave. And you’re loosing those potential clients.

Even just having 2 different call to actions positioned in the wrong way will put the visitor into decision paralysis. These visitors will leave and may never come back.

Make sure your website clearly tells your visitors what action they should take (e.g. call you).


6) Optimise your website to get more clients

The people who call you, email you, leave their contact details on your website are leads.

The process of optimising your website to make more visitors to take actions above is called “Conversion Rate Optimisation”.

There are many ways to optimise a website. The first thing you need to do is to set your goal. E.g. you want people to call you.

The next step is to implement a strategy that will help you to achieve your goal.

Use the conversion rate optimisation best practises on your website.

Even little things like using the right colours, adding a few extra words, removing elements can significantly increase how many people contact you after seeing your website.

If you do this optimisation well you can maximise the number of quality leads your website will get you.

The more quality leads you get the more clients you’ll have as well.


Could your website get you more clients?

Using the tips above will help you to make your website work for you and get you more clients.

And we are also happy to help you to get more clients and grow your business.

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