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happy Mondays

It’s Monday again… a fresh and exciting new beginning… I’m always excited when we are starting a new website projects… Last week I told you about this new deal I made while I was in Hungary… …and visiting my family there, and enjoying the hot sunshiny days (36-38 Celsius degrees)… After the short holiday I’m

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it’s time to go

I opened my eyes… White fluffy clouds were flying right in front of the window… The sun was shining over the ocean of cotton-candy-like clouds from the amazingly blue sky… We almost reached the travelling height… I excitedly picked up my tablet… It’s time to write… 🙂 Even though I’m travelling back to Hungary for

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live at 3.28am

I was committed to stay awake and finish something awesome before going to bed… …so I can share the latest cool stuff with you today… It was 3.12am in the morning… My eyes were barely open and mind completely fried… I finished the last touch on the video I was editing… …and quickly added to

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